Find out now, how businesses of every kind are utilizing the power of RFID to make their operations more efficient and more profitable.

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The new RFID Case Study Book, brings out 25 real-life applications of RFID technology, starting from Animal Tagging to Hospital Management and going on to Truck Yard management. In one easy-to-read pdf book without any technical mumbo-jumbo.

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About Us
Dear Professional,
You must have by now heard of all the hype surrounding RFID and wondered if all they say about RFID is true. Some people extol the benefits and claim that zillions of dollars will be saved by corporations, if they implement RFID tagging.

On the other hand, anti-RFID activists allege that RFID invades privacy, is a threat to our freedom and is the "mark of the devil".

So what is the truth?

As always, the truth is somewhere right in the middle. RFID will not save zillions (yes, only perhaps a few hundred milllion maybe ) and no, it is not the mark of the devil.

The best way to start analyzing the technology, is to look at other people and businesses, who have quietly started implementing RFID technology in a big way. It is always easier and more instructive, to learn from others who have traveled the RFID path. 

Hence, we thought, why not take 25 of the most interesting ways, in which RFID is being implemented around the globe and put it in a book? Best of all, it's free of charge.

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Thank you for allowing me to use the RFID case studies in my classroom.  The students appreciate the timeliness and challenge of the cases relating to current supply chain issues.  Discussion blossomed when the students discovered that the questions I asked regarding the cases currently have no "right" answers.  The case studies enhanced their understanding of current challenges and opportunities with RFID technology in supply chain management.
-Ms. Carol Putman, Penn State University